September 16th 2019

New lab, new start!

December 2019

Three months in. It’s coming together!

January 2020

Lab lunch at the BBQ Saloon to welcome Research Assistant Cherry!

Lab lunch at the Little Saigon to welcome Rotation Student Casey!

February 2020

Lab lunch at the Rasoi to welcome Postdoc Florencia, Visiting Student Ruochen, and Rotation Student Juhee!

May 2020

Juhee Son officially joined our lab as the first graduate student!! Our SARS-CoV-2 enteroid paper was accepted by Science Immunology!!

Lots of other things to celebrate too! We will make it up after the COVID-19 pandemic.

June 2020

With COVID-19 ravaging and no sign of abating, the Ding lab Snack Station is online.

September 16th 2020

We turned one year old today! What a year it has been! Very thankful to people in the lab.

Back: Ruochen, Siyuan, Gaopeng

Front: Cherry, Juhee, Pascaline

Not in the picture: Florencia

November 2020

A bittersweet moment to see Florencia off. We really enjoyed having you around and we will miss you dearly!

January 2021

Ruochen finished one-year visiting scholarship in the lab and will go back to China. We hope to have you back soon!

February 2021

Light at the end of the tunnel!

March 2021

Pascaline is highlighted in a podcast run by Larissa in Mike Diamond’s lab:

Stay tuned for more exciting studies from Pascaline in the near future.

May 2021

Juhee, our first graduate student, just passed her qualifying exam with flying colors! Good reasons for celebration!

Juhee popping the champagne
Just Dance battle
Finishing it off with sushi and lobster tails

July 2021

Berry and peach picking for our lab retreat. A beautiful day and lots of fun!

Left to right: Gaopeng, Siyuan, Pascaline, Juhee, Cherry, Avan
Pascaline reaching high, for the hidden juicy jewels
Capping it off with Korean BBQ

September 2021

Lab party to celebrate Avan, our first MSTP student, joining the lab!

Avan opening champagne in style
good form!
Left to right: Amanda, Avan, Cherry, Constin, Emily, Siyuan, Juhee, Changfeng, Gaopeng with Cajun Seafood and Margarita

October 2021

New lab photo!

Left to right: Pascaline, Cherry, Siyuan, Gaopeng, Juhee, Avan

December 2021

Departmental holiday party at the Anheuser-Busch Biergarten.

Counterclockwise: Avan, Juhee, Pascaline, Ryan, Cherry, Yinxing, Gaopeng, Siyuan

January 2022

What a way to head into 2022!

Avan just received a T32 predoctoral fellowship. Congratulations!

March 2022

Renovation completed and a new chapter started! Celebratory lunch with the Goldberg lab.

May 2022

Symposium and Dinner at the St. Louis Art Museum to celebrate Charlie’s Nobel Prize work done at WashU!

June 2022

Congratulations! Pascaline just received an Early Career Award from the Thrasher Research Fund to investigate potential means to treat rotavirus and other enteric infections. Way to go!

July 2022

Gaopeng just received the Stephen I. Morse Fellowship to study rotavirus innate immune evasion strategies. Congratulations!

The Ding lab showed up and showed out at the 41th American Society for Virology conference at University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Enjoying the delicious food along with the awesome science!

September 2022

Our lab is turning three years old! An annual lab retreat at the St. Louis aquarium.

Left to right: Yinxing, Ryan, Emily, Siyuan, Juhee, Pascaline, Cherry, Jesse, Avan

December 2022

Departmental holiday party at the Saint Louis Zoo with Christmas lights!

January 2023

Congratulations to Juhee and Avan on receiving the 2022-2023 Schlesinger-Olivo Student Travel Award!

May 2023

Our first undergraduate Aneesh graduating and onto better things!

Brunch at First Watch at central west end

June 2023

The Ding lab presenting at the 42th American Society for Virology conference at the University of Georgia.

The Ann Palmenberg Junior Investigator award lecture
Avan presenting at the rotavirus and reovirus workshop

Gaopeng presenting at the rotavirus and reovirus workshop

Enjoying some hearty southern food!

July 2023

Congratulations to Juhee on receiving the Milton Schlesinger Student Fellowship in Molecular Microbiology!

Oct 2023

Fourth annual lab retreat was a success! Lunch at the boathouse followed with IMAX at the Science center.

Left to right: Maggie, Gaopeng, Cherry, Avan, Juhee, Grace, Siyuan, Emily, Takahiro, Pascaline, Karan

Nov 2023

Congratulations to Avan on being awarded a highly competitive F30 pre-doctoral fellowship from NIAID!

Jan 2024

Takahiro got an Assistant Professor position and will return to Japan. The farewell party was a blast! We are so proud of you and we will miss you dearly!

Mario party never gets old!
Back: Avan, Cherry, Grace, Alen, Pascaline, Enkai, Gaopeng, Siyuan; Front: Yinxing, Takahiro, Juhee, Alex

April 2024

Congratulations to Alex on being selected into the prestigious BioSURF program!

June 2024

Gaopeng and Cherry both did an amazing job at the 43rd American Society for Virology conference at THE Ohio State University, Columbus.