Welcome to the Ding lab!

We are interested in studying how rotavirus, a medically important virus that causes diarrhea and vomiting in young children, interacts with the host small intestinal epithelial cells.

Research Areas

  • Molecular mechanisms of rotavirus replication and pathogenesis
  • Virus-host interactions
  • Innate immune signaling in the intestinal epithelium

Research Tools

  • Rotavirus reverse genetics system
  • Genome-wide CRISPR-Cas9 screen
  • Virus-host protein interactome
  • Viral RNA binding protein interactome
  • Interferon-stimulated gene screen
  • Human intestinal enteroids
  • Knockout and conditional knockout mouse models

These posters are meant to show that racial justice and support for marginalized communities cannot be separated from the practice of science. We must actively work to recognize the obstacles that scientists (and potential scientists) from marginalized communities face, and dismantle structures of power that prevent them from succeeding. We must also consider the effects of our research and research choices on marginalized communities. Please see https://sammykatta.com/diversity for more!